What's Wrong With Healthcare Today?

When healthcare is managed by a third party, it's a bureaucratic nightmare. It doesn't matter if it's a single payor like the government or an insurance company, third party management adds a layer of expense to healthcare.

When doctors are paid on a reimbursable basis, they are incentivized to perform more procedures than necessary, which drives up the cost of healthcare.

How the American Medical Plan Works

The American Medical Plan (AMP) solves the above problems, by giving you a monthly credit you choose how to spend.

You could spend your credit on private insurance or join a private provider group. The group would receive cash flow from your AMP credit each month in exchange for taking care of you. If you are unhappy with your group, you have the right to switch at any time. Patients would rate their provider group online, so you could see how others feel before trying a group yourself.

Using the Free Market to Cut Costs

AMP puts doctors back in charge of keeping their patients happy and controlling expenses.

There are already provider groups as alternatives to our current healthcare system. They formed when doctors realized they collectively had the ability to care for anything their patients needed.

Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, the patients pay their provider group a monthly fee.


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