How do we

build a nation

that is a better

place to live?

The answer will surprise you.

The Emerging Kingdom explores the relationship between money, the economy, and our personal wellbeing. It also explores the spiritual realm, free will, and how wildly off-track our opinions can be. It turns out we are running our technologically advanced economy on an outdated operating system. With the right upgrade, we have the potential to live in a new era of prosperity that few imagine possible today.

The Emerging Kingdom is a guidebook to building a nation that is a much better place to live. It presents a fascinating blend of ancient biblical scriptures and modern technology. What is too-good-to-be-true today is imminently doable with a few tweaks to the system. By the grace of God, there is no limit to what man can do. 

The Emerging Kingdom introduces The Financial Freedom Act. It's not a bill before Congress, but it should be!

The Financial Freedom Act would reduce your taxes, generate a surplus, pay off the national debt, and provide you with basic income, healthcare and college.

How it Works

Collectively we earn $20 trillion per year in income. There are $7,244 trillion in payments each year

in our economy that are not taxed at all!

If we taxed payments instead of income, your tax rate would drop to 0.2%. Our nation would have a $2.6 trillion annual surplus, and we could afford the following benefits for all citizens.

Basic Income

We could pay every adult citizen in America a basic income of $24,000 per year, which would increase to $30,000 at age 70.

Earned Income Credits

We could provide earned income credits to increase the income of citizens earning less than $30,000.

Basic Healthcare

We could provide free basic healthcare for all citizens.

Free College

We could provide a free college education for everyone.

Banking 2.0 

Banking 2.0 funds startups, cuts the cost of mortgages, and brings profit from international finance back home.

Calculate Your Personal Benefit

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Use the button below to see how much the act would improve your bottom line.

See How Others Would Benefit

Scroll the slide show below to see how six families fare.

A Couple Earning $10,000



Minus Taxes

Earned Income Credit

Basic Income

Net Disposable Income











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Scott Smith is the author of The Emerging Kingdom.

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Emma Dahl has worked as an economic analyst for the Financial Freedom Act for the past two years. She holds a BA in economics from Colorado State University and a Masters in Business Analytics and Big Data from IE Madrid. In her free time she enjoys Salsa dancing and travel.


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